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What if you were shunned by Star Trek?

We are all Star Trek fans; that goes without saying. However, imagine yourself in a world where, due to some unknown heinous offense, you were shunned by all things Star Trek. Imagine that you receive a perpetual cease and desist order from Paramount’s lawyers, barring you from anything to do with Star Trek. Send back your uniform, sell your videos, renounce your membership in the fan club: we don’t want you. Your poster is up at all the conventions with a big “Not Welcome” label. Toy stores don’t allow you to buy the action figures. You’re not even allowed to utter such famous phrases as “Make it so” or “Live long and prosper.”

You are truly and utterly OUT.

This week’s poll is a discussion of this nightmare scenario. How would you react? Where would you turn to get your science fiction fix? What would turn your fandom towards? Could you live in a world where Star Trek exists, but doesn’t want anything to do with you?

Here are some of the options I thought of. If your’s didn’t make the list, please share!

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