Well I’m back! Back from an amazing vacation. One that took me to Las Vegas and the California coast, where I met a lot of new friends and saw some old ones as well. After the harsh winter we had to deal with on this part of Earth this year, I felt I needed time in the sun and to at least get some sort of tan, for after covering up for so many months, I was white as a ghost when I arrived. Going to the beaches along the coast led me to that assumption as I could not help but notice so many tanned bodies which were in sharp contrast to my own.
While I relaxed along the California coast, Las Vegas was party town. I think in the week I was there I may have had eight hours of sleep in all! That town never sleeps and I think more alcohol is imported there than water! I learned a lesson that after dancing in a club all night, when exiting into a casino, do not remove your heels or else the security will come and force you to put them back on despite your now aching feet 🙁 Besides that one negative, I learned quickly that what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. This is not just a saying, but indeed the truth 😉
With my frolicking ritual out of the way, I believe it is now time to get to this week’s Poll of the Week! Remaining on the vacation theme, and knowing that so many characters within our group have different interests as to what they may concider to be a “fun” getaway, where do you think your character(s) would like to vacation? Why and for what reason? Would it be to relax or submerge in a truly alien place? Learn about a strange culture or party non-stop? Whatever your fancy head on down to the polls and choose your next vacation destination because we may just have an all inclusive special designed just for your character(s)! This is a multiple choice poll, folks, so click away and don’t be afraid to add your own to the mix.

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