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Garuda plot summary for September

The USS Garuda, NCC-73809, came across the apparently abandoned USS Mercury adrift in space, and so two away teams under Lieutenant Commanders Nia Calderan and Tristam Core were dispatched to secure the ship and discover what had caused the crew to flee, and for it to attack its fellow Starfleet ship, the USS Icarus.

Both teams, once aboard, began seeing strange phantom-like apparitions of familiar crew members, and even were able to interact with them. However, some of these ghosts were under the illusion that the Garuda crewmembers were hostile Cardassians and they started to fight back. There were several injuries, but eventually the phantoms were convinced of the truth.

Meanwhile, the USS Garuda received another distress call from the Mercury’s jettisoned science pod. The ship split into its primary (Saucer) hull under Lieutenant Commander Mei’konda; and the secondary (Stardrive) section under Captain Egan Manno. Whilst Mei’konda waited to assist the Away Teams on the Mercury, Egan Manno went to the rescue of the survivors in the pod. However, far from being full of refugees, the pod contained a mutant monster that beamed over to the Stardrive and ran amok before being eliminated. The real Mercury crew were actually in smaller lifeboats and had already being rescued by another ship.

Back on the Mercury, the disgraced Lieutenant Commander Roshanara Rahman assisted Core in getting the Mercury’s systems back online, despite the best efforts of her Mercurian doppelganger who took Lieutenant Alora DeVeau as a hostage at gunpoint. It was also discovered at this point that the phantom crew were in fact holograms produced by a rogue artificial intelligence infesting the Mercury, and so not really alive.

With the damaged Mercury secured, the Garuda towed it back to Deep Space Ten for repairs. The crew looked forward to some rest and relaxation over shoreleave. However, not all the crew could do so. Rahman was still facing a court martial for her actions in assisting the traitor Commander Harrison Ross a few month before. Worse still, Lieutenant Commander Alleran Tan – a Trill – suffered a near fatal symbiont rejection and needed emergency surgery, his fate still hanging in the balance.

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