Definitive Tips on Including Exposition in Your Sims

Definitive Tips on Including Exposition in Your Sims

If you’re looking to include more exposition in your sims, but you’re not quite sure where to start, we know you’ll get something out of this week’s Writing Improvement Month tutorial.
We know that it can be difficult to meet the expectations or levels of writing that you might see around the fleet, but not because you don’t have time or desire. If you want to give your sims more depth, and you want to offer your fellow crewmates more inspiration and paint imagery that you may get from some other’s sims, then consider the tips included in our newest tutorial; Forcing Good Habits: Halting and Avoiding All Dialogue Sims.
Regardless of how much you don’t think you are a writer, the tips included in this tutorial will be certain to help you improve your sims. Sure, setting stipulations on your writing, and following simming ‘rules’ might seem counterproductive, but for those who have implemented this approach, success wasn’t far off. Yes, it takes some work at first, but if your goal is improvement, and you just can’t force it naturally, consider the contents of this tutorial.
And if you give it a try, be sure to come back and let us know how it worked for you. We’d love to hear your experiences and any tips you might have for other writers following the same path you have already traveled.

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