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Columbia plot summary for September

The crew of USS Columbia, NCC-85279, continued its investigation of the mysterious ruins on Avronis V. After receiving an ultimatum from the Tal Shiar, the away team prepared for a quick evacuation. Unfortunately, despite prompt actions from Brice and Tatash to dispatch signal enhancers to the surface, the Tal Shiar opened fired once again on the away team.

When one of the strange aliens seemingly working with the Tal Shiar was about to lay its hands on their severely injured Romulan guide, Brek asked for immediate back up. Silveira reacted promptly and eradicated the alien menace. Tatash assembled a security team and, braving the lethal radiations, took a second shuttle to Avronis. A fierce battle ensued, allowing both away teams to fly back to the Columbia.

On the Columbia, the Bridge crew continued to negotiate with the Administrator of the Moon Base and the Captain of the Romulan garbage freighter. The arrival of a D’deridex complicated the discussions. Thankfully a compromise was found, forcing the freighter to cease using Avronis as a dumping ground.

The science department discovered that the Tal Shiar had been trying, without success, to reopen an Iconian gate.

The Columbia returned to Starbase 118 for shoreleave. It started with a crew reunion in a holodeck, programmed to look like a Jurassic park. There, ribbons and promotions were handed by Cmdr. Ben Livingston.

The next day, during a mission briefing, the crew discovered that they were to transport a large group of people to Pernipia Gamma Four, which Starfleet wants to colonize speedily. While Ops and Engineering made sure that all was well with the mission pod recently fitted on the Columbia, other crewmembers went to meet the settlers, hoping to understand their motivations.

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