Team facilitator updates

Team facilitator updates

CommandChairThis week, we have some great news from the “Stepping up to the plate” department. Three teams are seeing new facilitators, as follows:
Featured Bio Contest: This team, which picks a featured wiki bio every month, as both a way of highlighting the best bios and helping others model the best design, was originated by LtCmdr. Roshanara Rahman of the Mercury. He is stepping back to allow Lt. Commander Greir Reinard of the Vigilant to take the facilitator role. We’re very thankful for the work LtCmdr. Rahman did to set up the team, including an incredibly detailed set of rules, while we welcome LtCmdr. Reinard’s fresh face. Always great to see more female leadership on the teams, as well.
As a reminder, you can nominate any and all great bios for the contest each month, and they will be reviewed and considered for the highlighted position. Gentle, constructive criticism on how to improve the bios is provided to everyone.
Top Sims Contest: This contest, which planted roots way back in 2003, has seen its share of facilitators over the years. Alleran Tan was our most recent leader here, but he is currently on Leave of Absence. The team was revamped this year to provide a smoother and easier process for the general membership, which includes reading fewer sims and allowing a panel of judges to do most of the heavy lifting. Taking over the facilitator role this month is Commander Liam Frost of the Apollo. Many thanks to Tan for his great work on this project last year, and for Cmdr. Frost for stepping up and taking the reins of a team that requires a lot of leadership and detail-oriented work!
When you have a chance, be sure to submit sims to the contest, which rolls on a bi-weekly basis. Remember: don’t submit every good sim, instead, submit every great sim!
Publicity Team: This team is tasked with helping to spread the word about our group and increase our number of incoming applications. Many thanks to the most recent facilitator, LtCmdr. Alexander Matthews, who has stepped back from the role. Captain Diego Herrera is now taking on this responsibility and will be making a concerted effort to revamp the team’s workflow and help us prepare for the upcoming release of the next Star Trek movie, which traditionally heralds a time of increased applicants.
If you’re interested in joining this team, in the critical role of helping us to continue expanding our fleet, please request membership on the Yahoo! Group. Include your character name and ship.

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