StarBase 118 Ops wins a Squiddie

StarBase 118 Ops wins a Squiddie

squiddie640x480Our very own StarBase 118 Ops, commanded by Captain Kali Nicholotti, has won a “Squiddie” award (officially known as the “OngoingWorlds Medal for Superior Online Roleplaying”) for excellence in role playing. The award description is as follows:

Through its creative mix of combining the familiar with the cutting edge, StarBase 118 Operations has created a truly remarkable role playing environment. Its cast of all-star writers effortlessly does the impossible: making the game approachable while at the same time pushing new boundaries. Also being highly prolific, the game is able to tackle episodes of many different flavors and to explore those ideas in great depth and detail. StarBase 118 Operations traces its origins back to 1994, almost 20 years ago.
Beyond just relevant today, the sims has stayed true to its core while continually reinventing itself to adapt to the ever-changing role playing environment.

Congratulations to Capt. Nicholotti and her crew for the award!

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