Simming Encyclopedia: A community effort

Simming Encyclopedia: A community effort

simencThe Simming League has been in existence since 1997 with the goal of promoting and assisting with the hobby of simming by offering services to simmers, sims, and clubs. The group hosts SciWorld and the Tournament of Simulations, which are community events focused on simmers and sim groups, as well as maintaining the SimEnc (the Simming Encyclopedia).
UFOP: StarBase 118 was recognized by the Simming League in 2006 and again in 2011 with the Simming Prize, while our very own Captain Diego Herrera of the USS Vigilant received the Simming Prize individually in 2012 his work developing our internal community.
As you can see, our group and the Simming League have built a strong relationship. And to assist our friends at the Simming League with building a more detailed wiki, we need your help with expanding the SB118 page on the SimEnc. Our SimEnc wiki page promotes our group and shows other RPGs and prospective members just how talented we are. In looking at our own group’s wiki, it’s obvious that we have some very talented members, and we need you to show off your skills on our SimEnc page also.
In addition, if you’ve previously been a member of another RPG, be sure to stop by that group’s SimEnc page and see if you can add anything of substance. Ask your simming friends to do the same!
By helping to grow the SimEnc, and beautify our StarBase 118 page, we can not only help an ally in the simming community but also promote our organization and contribute to a public record of our accomplishments.
Head to SimEnc now and add something!

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