Poll of the Week: Who Wears The Apron?

chefWhile photons and phasers are just as likely to deal with your enemies just as easily as arrows and swords, back in the day, a few smart people figured out that there is no way better to get through to someone than by appealing to his or her stomach. While this could apply to trapping the poor (and often unsuspecting) being, it could also be used to win over a person’s heart when he or she is sick or simply not in the mood to open up. Bring out a couple plates of tasty goodies, maybe a bottle of your favorite beverage, and you’ll be sure to have your dinner partner eating out of your dish, as it were.

More than that, though, the preparation of meals is a major task that every person (if they live by themselves) or a family member performs on a daily basis to ensure that, the chef and/or their family does not starve. So this week’s poll asks this: Who does the cooking, predominately, in your household? Whether the person who wears the chef’s apron is you, your partner, or your kids if you do indeed have them, let us know. Or perhaps you are the type to get fast food more then you cook, that’s fine, too. I must admit that there are times I eat out more then I do in if only to spare having to wash the dishes. If you feel comfortable go ahead and share why the chosen chef is the chosen chef.

Whatever the case be sure to visit the forums to share with us, what you think on this most delectable subject and have fun everyone.

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