Poll of the Week: Time and Again

TNG:All good thingsI was once told that life is made up of moments not days and weeks. It’s in those moments that we remember the people and events that shape our lives. So it is a foregone conclusion that once a moment passes, you’ll never be able to get it back, for better or worse, or even sometimes tell when a moment will end. Some would say that it’s that characteristic that makes time so valuable to people. So we should not waste what little time we have, but what if there was a way to circumvent the natural order of the universe; to go back in time to one of those moments?

Just as we have seen epic tales of beings fighting for the right to be called sentient and free within Trek, another common theme is the idea and
consequences of time travel. Despite having the Temporal Prime Directive in place, time and again people have messed with the time continuum for many reasons and ranging from things like ensuring First Contact actually happened, or guaranteeing that Voyager made it home (several times in fact, I think?). Putting aside all the risks and difficulties that come with producing a way to travel back and forth through time, whether in character or out, this week’s poll asks would you go back to a moment in your life to fix a mistake or even just to watch a pivotal moment play out again? More importantly, would you risk changing the past?

The consequences for making such a journey cannot be understated but with that in mind there could be much to be benefit in it. While this might be one of the more personal polls that have been published to date I do encourage you to share as much or as little as you feel comfortable (whether it is in character or out does not matter). If you don’t wish to share a comment be sure to visit the forums to vote at the very least because that is how we have fun out of these polls. Also if you have ideas for future polls please post them on the Poll Suggestion thread.

Enjoy everyone.

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