Poll of the Week: The future of evolution?

Poll of the Week: The future of evolution?

Khan, from Memory AlphaLooking back in terms of history, it can be quite surprising to see what we, the humans of the 21st century, have built and just how far we have come. With the first civilizations, such as the Greeks and the Egyptians, dating back only a mere six thousand years, it does make one wonder where humanity will be in another one hundred years, let alone six thousand. There is no doubt whatsoever that six thousand years is a really long time, and that would probably be the understatement of the century. Despite how far mankind has progressed in terms of civilization and technology, it is also extraordinarily fair to say that humanity hasn’t really evolved much during that time.
Sure, a person may live longer in this day and age than his or her counterpart might have back in ancient times, but that says more about our living conditions and the medicines available than how we have evolved to survive. Now, just think about this one for a brief second; just imagine what humanity was like one hundred thousand years ago, let alone nine hundred thousand years before that. Suddenly, six thousand years is starting to look like a blink of an eye to those figures. I guess the point I am trying to make is that way back then, we were oversized chimpanzees that slowly evolved, relatively speaking, into what we are today, and that human evolution has become more about fine-tuning what we are than it is about removing tails and growing thumbs. But, if that’s the case, what does that mean for humanity? Has our evolution became stunted?
The answer to that question throughout many science fiction stories, Star Trek being no exception, is of course genetic enhancement programs whereby a person’s DNA is manipulated to create a better human. One notable example of this is Doctor Julian Bashir seen throughout the Deep Space Nine series, and who can forget Khan. As evidenced by Khan’s existence, science of 2380’s can quite easily give “birth” to people who are physically stronger, see further, possess better coordination, and are even capable of superior intellect. And that would only be the tip of the iceberg if such medical fields became commonplace.
Now, with all that in mind, the question for this week’s poll is this: If it were possible, should such genetic manipulation be permitted in either the Star Trek universe or the real world? Remember that voting is only half the fun; so be sure to leave a comment on the forums because where this goes is up to all of you.
Have a blast!

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