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May for the USS Mercury

As the Mercury’s shore leave at DSX came to a close, the crew was stunned when Captain Kells’s accident of years prior aboard the Ring was repeated, and three different versions of Kells were combined in one, his sixty-year-old self. Though the crew, SFI, and Temporal Investigations wanted to investigate further, the matter was put aside in favor of a larger mission: An installation had been discovered on an uninhabited M-class planet in the Beta Scuti system, some three weeks into the Menthar Corridor at maximum warp, that long-range probes believe to be a library of some sort, and one that may hold ancient knowledge about the dominions of races that once called the Corridor home — and, perhaps more relevantly, what happened to them. After their journey to the planet, second officer Isaac Bale took down an away team and discovered quickly that they weren’t the only interested party…. Aboard the Mercury, Lieutenants Richards and Mei’konda searched for patterns in the relics left behind by the Menthar and the other ancient races in the corridor.

Meanwhile, on DSX, Commander Melitta Herodion investigated some strange (and perhaps related) comm traffic while Mercury CE Roshanara Rahman stayed behind by medical order and used the time to get the station’s systems fully online.


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