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FNN Update: Freighter Crisis on 118

On Federation Starbase 118, in the Trinity sector, at the crossroads of Klingon, Federation, and Romulan territories, a crisis has arisen that could cost thousands of lives.

An independent freighter has docked with the base for emergency repairs. The freighter, laden with medical supplies for a needy colony, was unable to complete the journey, and the Starfleet crew was more than happy to help them get repaired and underway.

A common enough situation for the 118 crew. But the situation has turned out to be far more complicated, and dangerous, than anyone could have predicted.

After an explosion rocked the vessel, and Starfleet crew entered to provide emergency relief, it was discovered that the medical supplies on board were Vitlali 7, an unapproved medication which cannot be bought or sold within Federation territory due to the fact that the medicine degrades over time into a dangerous intoxicant.

The crew of the freighter, a rough bunch, meanwhile have fallen into conflict bordering on mutiny. During the altercation, among accusations of theft and sabatoge, it was revealed that the medication is indeed beyond its expiry date.

Meanwhile, a small fleet of warships has decloaked outside the base, demanding the freighter’s cargo.

We will have updates as events proceed.


Reporter ‘Jiph’ (Quadrant Press Associated) via SB118 Media Office,
Commander Alexander Jayson Cregg
Press Secretary
Starbase 118

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