February for the USS Tiger-A

February for the USS Tiger-A

Tiger ThumbnailHaving ended their last mission the crew of the USS Tiger-A headed back to Deep Space 17 for some well deserved shore leave.  The crew held a formal promotion and award ceremony in The Twilight’s Edge upon their arrival and also welcomed three special guests, Fleet Captain Idril Mar, Fleet Captain Toni Turner and Ambassador Tallis Rhul.  The crew celebrated well into the night as members received recognition for their efforts during past missions.
Several members of the crew found it hard to celebrate however, as they found themselves still struggling with the psychological aftermath of Bilire IV.  Lieutenant Commander Tracey Townson found herself in an even more unique situation as she has been assigned to take care of the Romulan child who was found on the planet.  She is currently working to find the child’s birth parents.
After the party crew members were free to explore Deep Space 17.  This included an exciting parkour race through the station set up by Lieutenant Commander Danny Wilde and Lieutenant T’Mihn Ah’my’ghan.

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