Capt. Diego Herrera receives the Simming Prize

Capt. Diego Herrera receives the Simming Prize

Cotis-medalWe’re very proud to announce that our very own captain of the USS Vigilant, Diego Herrera, has received the Simming Encyclopedia’s Simming Prize.
This prestigious honor is given out to up to five recipient writers/characters, simming groups, or simming alliances once a year. Last year, our community as a whole received it, while this year it’s one of our staff who’s being honored. The citation is as follows:

For his community development work within UFOP: StarBase 118. In addition to having earned a reputation as a captain who ensures his crew members are engaged in the sim, Ed has become a cornerstone of the club’s community. He is active with the UFOP: SB 118’s academy training program, where he helps teach new simmers. For two years running, he has been the creative force behind the club’s “summer blockbuster” fleet-wide plot arc, developing the overall story arc and writing mission briefings for each ship. Ed has also facilitated the club’s “Writing Challenge” judge’s team and was the leading force behind UFOP: SB 118’s “Writing Improvement Month.”

Please join us in congratulating Capt. Herrera on this forum thread.

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