Writing Challenge Tips: Short Fiction

August’s theme is “A Moment In The Life Of…” Every entry must be under 1000 words for this round, which means that flash fiction and short-short stories would be ideal. The very last day to enter is Wednesday, August 22nd.

Short fiction was always the most important part of Science Fiction, but reached its height in the time called Golden Age of science Fiction, greatly popularized by  Astounding Stories led by visionary John W. Campbell .

Campbell definitely shaped the Golden Age of the genre, what some see as good and some as too controlled. But still in 10 years of his “control” in SF publishing, some of the best short stories were published and it formed some of biggest names in the history of the Science Fiction genre like Theodore Sturgeon, Robert A. Heinlein, Joseph H. Delaney, Joe Haldeman, and Isaac Asimov.

To help you in writing your entries for this, again short, August challenge; let me recommend a few of my favorite short stories.

Daniel Keyes: “Flowers for Algernon”
Richard Matheson: “Born of Man and Woman”
Poul Anderson: “No Truce with Kings”
Harlan Ellison: “I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream”
Gordon R. Dickson: “Soldier, Ask Not”
Larry Niven: “Neutron Star”

Second, the “very short” known theme in Science Fiction is Filk or Filk music. The term is formed as a typo error, but stuck and remained as a way to defer the type of songwriting specific for genre. In most cases it’s a text written on famous or well known music, but lately many authors write their own music for the songs.

“Bein’ Red” and “Star Trek Fan – Trekkies Filk Song” are some I found Star Trek related. While Leslie Fish’s “Banned from Argo” and “Pushin’ the Speed of Light” belong among the classics.

Good luck with your entries.

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