Vanquishing Those Silly Grammar Monsters

Vanquishing Those Silly Grammar Monsters

There are a lot of different things that go into writing these days, especially since we have limited space and time in which to create a compelling and inspiring scene using only our words. We must find ways to weave words together to create pieces of art, and the understanding of what our characters do and react to lies in our ability to convey those scenes in our sims. As we begin to paint our pictures though, it is important that we consider the way we use words; it’s a fact that difficult to read sims or sims full of grammatical errors can be less powerful simply because readers are sidetracked. Yet, at the same time, some errors are both common and easily fixed.
Getting the best out of our writing isn’t something that you should have to spend hours working on, but when it comes to these 15 Grammar Goofs, learning the difference can make a difference in your writing. From the dreaded you’re/your type homonyms, to words whose meanings often are confused with each other, this handy infographic can help you learn the difference while keeping it stuck in your mind for the future. Ultimately, avoiding these errors can actually make your writing that much better, while helping you to create something even more powerful and inspirational than you know.

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