This thing we have

This thing we have

In Hawaiian that words means “family.” You may remember it as a central concept of Walt Disney’s movie “Lilo & Stitch,” about a destructive, little blue alien who was adopted by an Earth family.
But that word means more than just blood relatives. It includes extended, adopted, and intended family. While we’re not a bunch of cute and fluffy little blue creatures from another planet, running around blowing things up — well, okay, maybe we blow a lot of things up! — we still have a togetherness that transcends the normal day-to-day interactions of people passing, immersed in their own worlds.
There’s a thread that bind us together, giving us all something in common.
Within this corner of the virtual world, we have something of a sanctuary, where we all exist as we are. The vision Gene Roddenberry created inspires us to come together without having to worry about judgments, or current events happening in our real lives. And hopefully, everyone here knows that they are surrounded by friends — an extended family forged through the trials of the characters we create and the science fiction we write.
The world often throws curve-balls at us, which can make it challenging to stay positive or keep our heads up. But it’s in those moments, especially during the holiday season, where gathering and being together is part of the human experience, that this adoptive family can give us hope and warmth. Extended, unplanned, and intentional. Sometimes even unconventional.
While we may be geographically divided, we share a common love. In that, and in the spirit of friendship we so often see in Trek, we wanted to take a moment here and now to remind everyone in our fleet that we are one unit. Though we are separate, we are together. We are friends, and when the world seems dark, remember that we are also a family.
And in that family, no one gets left behind, or forgotten.
This holiday season, we want to hold to the values of a positive and rewarding message, but we also know that sometimes, life happens, and there are things in life that leave us feeling alone, and in the dark, and helpless. Sometimes we wonder why people we write with care about what happens in our daily lives, when all this is, in the end, is a game.
But it’s not just a game. It’s a community of people who love to write. That is always what StarBase 118 has been about, since the beginning. We are a community of people who love to write and make new friends, and when times are tough in RL, we are there for each other. While sometimes we might not see eye-to-eye, we have to remember to care about each other. That is what makes the difference between this group and the many others out there. Every person here matters, through both good times and bad.
In this holiday season, the staff of StarBase 118 wants to wish everyone a wonderful holiday season, and extend a supporting hand for those who are struggling. To all of our members: you are appreciated as writers, as friends, and as extended family. Ohana.
The Staff of UFOP: StarBase 118
(Written by David Cody, edited by Capt. Nicholotti and FltAdml. Wolf.)

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