Testing the Limits of Your…Grammar?

Testing the Limits of Your…Grammar?

Perhaps one of the more difficult aspects of writing within Starbase 118 that we face with each sim that we write is the need for proper grammar. The English language is not easy to master by any means and often times we see the very same mistakes being made over and over again. From simple misspellings for words that sound the same but have different meanings (homophones), to the gross misuse of the all powerful comma, grammar rules are not always the clearest and they aren’t always the easiest thing to remember. Is it there or their? Or perhaps it is they’re? Is it a moot point? Maybe it’s just on a whole other plain…or plane. Either way, knowing the right grammar to use in your sims is important, regardless of who or how you write.
So how does your grammatical knowledge add up? Daily Writing Tips offers a simple grammar test to help you find out. The multiple choice questions are simple to answer and when you’re done, you’ll be able to better judge just how well you have, thus far, been able to wrap your mind around all of the ins and outs of the English language. Of course there are plenty of other resources on the site as well, so if you score lower than you thought you should, be sure to look into just what you need to know before you leave and see how you can improve your writing even more.

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