Ten Tips for Writing for Your Audience

Ten Tips for Writing for Your Audience

No matter what role on what ship you write, finding a way to make your sims better for the audience who will eventually read them is something we all struggle with from time to time. It isn’t always simple to sit down and write something that fulfills your own requirements of a good piece of writing, which is why so many of us are always looking for tips and tricks that help us make our contributions even better. From some simple ideas, to more complex exercises that make us delve into the pits of our writing, there’s never a better time to find out just how to create that master screenplay that could serve as a Star Trek episode all on its own!
While we don’t necessarily write screenplays here at Starbase 118, we certainly write something very much like them. Sure, our stories are made to be read, not seen, but we want to invoke the images of a movie or television episode within the minds of our audience. For that reason, this week’s Writer’s Workshop brings to you ten tips from acclaimed writer/director; Billy Wilder. Be sure to check out these tips direct from the source and see if they can bring a bit more of an edge to your writing!

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