So, What’s Next For Us?

Here it is folks, hot off the press! The 2012 State of the Federation Address has arrived, and the word is, well… good! The address features a few key points regarding some of the previous years’ goals, and how the Executive Council not only met those goals, but exceeded them. You can almost feel the elation as Fleet Admiral Wolf makes the one surmmizing statement: “This year, it simply feels like a fact of life: this community will sustain”. This seems to be a pretty powerful anecdote, as the world of Starbase 118 has reached a once dreamlike state. The Council, and every member of the community has worked hard to make the our group a force to be reckoned with in the way of PBEM roleplaying. But what does the Address state about this coming year? It’s simple: watch out universe.

Last year, the fleet had it’s challenges to overcome and in some respects, there was a lot of work to be done. The Address not only shows what progress has been made, but it reinforces the fact that the changes made are working in a very powerful way. As shown by the average Ensign Per Ship count, involvement by new members has increased dramtically showing the strength of the training department and its many dedicated officers. This in itself embodies all that the Admiral quoted earlier. New blood to add to the ranks, new creativity and dedication, is what makes it all come together. The goal from last year involving placement of recruits was blown away by as much as 26%, far more than the Council had anticipated. Results like this are clear and concise; everything is running as it should.

So what’s next for the community? Keeping the well-oiled machine… well… well-oiled, doesn’t seem to be the main focus. It’s moving above and beyond current standards that appears to be next on the agenda. With a fully staffed Executive council, goals from each department, and new visions of where the Starbase should be headed, this year should be a rather exciting one indeed. Membership will flourish, new ships will be launched. More space will be charted, and many a first contact will be made with untold new species of alien. Captains and Ensigns alike will surely have their work cut out for them in this shining and ever-growing community as we venture in the 2012 simming season.

Ready to read the address? Check it out here on our website!

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