Poll of the Week: The many faces of Q

This week we get back to another Trek inspired poll where we ask, who is your favorite Q? So who was your favorite among those god-like individuals. While all of them possesses unlimited control of space, time and matter (at various degrees of master). Each had a unique style to them. Can you just look no further then Q the most intrusive of all the omnipotent beings or did you enjoy the childish mind of Q junior and his antics before Captain Janeway had her way.  Come on down and let us know. Half the fun is in the discussion afterward.

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  1. Jalen Vesole

    I’s submit my favorite Q, was none other than Tremane from the OS, “Squire of Gothos” as articulated by Peter David in a STNG Novel.

    His petulance and unbridled desire for “winning” was very fun. Great, if non-canon stuff.