Poll of the Week: The evolution of simple pleasures

Poll of the Week: The evolution of simple pleasures

Space aged-looking bath tubSometimes when you’re simming part of a hectic mission or even running around like a headless chicken in the real world, it can be easy to forget or over look the simple pleasures that can be found in the simplest of things. Taking a bath or a nice long shower, for instance. While you may think that I have lost it this week, I assure you there is a good reason for the intro because this week’s poll is this: Would you rather spend an hour or two soaking in a bath tub or taking your time in the shower (but obviously not for a couple of hours)?
One would have to admit that there are very few things more relaxing after a hard day of work or even just to escape the chaos for a while then a dip in a bath/shower. It seems that these are luxuries so often over looked by our Starfleet counterparts. So putting aside the fact that either option would be fairly demanding when it comes to water requirements, what is your preference? For those that don’t mind sharing feel free to tell us why as well just be sure to keep all conversation to a PG-13 friendly environment.
So drop by the forums to cast your vote. And don’t be afraid to jump in there and leave a comment or two because that is where the fun really begins.

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