Poll of the Week: In the shadows of giants

Although any crew will argue defiantly that their ship is the best, if there is a single star ship to be the crown jewel in that illustrious list it would be the USS Enterprise. Each of the seven known vessels that have carried that name have been at the forefront of excellence in terms of crew, achievements, technology and simply being known as a ship that should never be underestimated.

But of course it takes more then a fine ship or a name with heritage to ensure greatness. So it falls to those skilled Captains to lead the charge. From Archer to Kirk right through to Picard. Each of these men have been titans equal to that of their respective ships. And while any number of other Captains match this description how many have what it takes to live up to the legacy that the name Enterprise has created.

This week we return with a Trek inspired poll that I hope you have fun with. So if you haven’t put the pieces together, this week we are asking, do you think that the USS Enterprise should be the setting of the next Star Trek tv series. Putting aside the fact that we may be waiting quite a while for another tv series, what is your opinion on this subject? Do you think that another brilliant Captain from a script can live up to the legacy? Or do you think it isn’t worth trying if only to protect the name?

So come on down and cast your vote and share your thoughts because that’s where the fun begins.