Podcast Team Relaunch!

Many years ago, it was thought to be a good idea to start a podcast for our community.  After two episodes, key members of the team were unable to continue with the task of editing and producing the podcast.  The team has been dormant ever since.  Interest was gauged on the forums about relaunching the team, and may jumped at the opportunity. Currently the team consists of many people.  We have people working on writing scripts, producing segments, editing, and distribution. If you would like to join, head over to the Podcast Team Yahoo Group and request membership.

The old run of podcasts were very interesting, and though some of the information is out of date, you can still find it on our youtube channel.  Check out the old podcast!  And for those of you that wonder what we have in store for you, checkout the preview!

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  1. Excellent, I love podcasts! I’m not a member of Starbase 118 but am a fellow roleplayer and trekkie so am interested in what you do, would this podcast be relevant to me?

    • Andrus Jaxx

      There are some segments that will! A bulk of it will be in house news and interviews. In addition to that will be reviews on different episodes, books, movies and much more!

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