Perspectives: Writing Help for Diplomatic Roles

One of the more unique positions within the Starbase 118 fleet is the role of Diplomat or Ambassador. While there are not many people who step into these roles, the position is not only viable, but realistic within the Star Trek universe. As such, it is natural to have these officers as members of our crew, though some people might be a bit hesitant to take on such a role.

Writing a character in a diplomatic position is not easy. There are plenty of ways to view the character, and their unique place among the norm in Starfleet, which can often overwhelm someone trying to write them realistically and effectively. Not only do these writers have to worry about writing their race in a way that follows canon set forth for that race, but they also have to write in qualities that all diplomats should have. Then, of course, there are the little quirks and idiosyncrasies that each character has, as well as the unique views, morals, and backgrounds that accompany any character.

While it might seem like a bit much, there are some resources out there to help anyone interested in writing for such a position. Perhaps the best, however, is the views of a real world diplomat; one Karl Gruber, who was once the Austrian Foreign Minister and Austrian Ambassador to the United States, Spain, Switzerland, and West Germany. In his essay, Common Denominators of Good Ambassadors, he sets forth many of the ideal qualities found in any good diplomat.

Writing a position in the diplomatic field isn’t easy, but for those up to the challenge, it can sure be rewarding. Having some direction, of course, is always helpful, and for that we might be grateful for the thoughts of someone well versed in the real world job.

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