October Plot Summary: USS Discovery-C

After the heroic rescue of Captain Waltas, two other Starfleet officers, and Major Collim Denari of the Bajoran Intelligence from the evil clutches of the ruthless smuggler Rambling Rose and her nefarious thugs, the Discovery handed the crooks over to the Iotian authorities. During the stopover at Iotia, the Discovery also detected the emergency beacon of the downed shuttle D’ona, which was carrying Lt JG Tian and CPO Risette, and they were rescued from the frozen polar wasteland. Unfortunately, chief of security Lieutenant Nickels and his pet clee were critically injured and rendered comatose following the smugglers’ terrorist attacks on Iotia.

The Discovery is currently docked at Deep Space 285 for a refit and a well-deserved respite for the frazzled crew, while waiting for their next mission assignment. Many officers are dealing with inter- and intrapersonal conflicts, a few among them even desperately battling the demons inside them. Meanwhile, Captain Waltas has surprised the crew with an unprecedented shipwide inspection.

Follow the crew of the USS Discovery-C!