May Plot Summary: USS Discovery-C

The Achilles has disappeared without a trace. Their last transmission contained all of their data on the plague, showing a strange ability to adapt to all known treatments. Putting two and two together, the scientists have determined that the only person with the antibodies to develop a cure is the same person that has threatened the Discovery’s crew. In a bizarre and questionable decision, JAG has decided to allow Waltas one chance to make things right – he must convince Zero to help them end the plague, and in the meantime contain the plague and rescue the Achilles if possible. The Chief Tactical Officer, Commander Mitchell, crashed onto the surface of Vendra-3, where the Achilles is marooned, after encountering atmospheric disturbances, and was rescued by the remaining crew of the Achilles. Unfortunately, Mitchell is now infected with the plague virus.

The Discovery is still trying to establish contact with the Achilles and Mitchell. Meanwhile, Zero managed to escape and is now confronting the Captain on Deck 14 for a serious discussion. To complicate things even further, the plague virus has been detected within the transporter buffers of the Discovery and randomly infects those who use the transporters; at least two officers have been confirmed to have the plague.

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