May Plot Summary: StarBase 118 Ops

May Plot Summary: StarBase 118 Ops

The special weapon produced by engineering and science to destroy the incoming projectile cloud was tested successfully prior to the Victory moving too far from the station.  Unfortunately the weapon’s power needs were more intense than initially expected, leaving the ship vulnerable to attack.  Commander Nicholotti utilized the Station’s fighter wing to help protect the Victory while the engineers worked through methods to fire the gun without blowing out power conduits.
When the time came to destroy the cloud, the event itself was almost anti-climatic as the weapon, and adjustments, performed as expected.  The harmless remains bouncing off the deflector fields of the ships.  A single vessel fired on one of the fighters, but fled before the Victory could clear the cloud.  The crew, having been running for several days straight, gratefully returned to the station.
Once there, a short debrief occurred, along with the news that Lt. Cmdr Walker would be taking over Commander Kell’s position as FO.  The crew then enjoyed a day of rest and relaxation during leave before meeting up again for a meet and greet in the holodeck.
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