Lower Decks: Ensign Kaleo O’Kalani

Lower Decks: Ensign Kaleo O’Kalani

Here again is another edition of Lower Decks, featuring Ensign Kaleo O’Kalani, a budding helmsman aboard the USS Apollo. O’Kalani was assigned to the ship but a few weeks ago, and is already discovering just what sort of business the crew has gotten themselves into. Of Borg and Lies might be a suitable title for that saga, but the ensign seems to be making a name all his own aboard the vessel.
For some of us, finding the UFOP:SB118 community has been a godsend. Watching all those episodes of TOS or TNG was just the foundation of what would be a fruitful and mesmerizing journey into the far reaches of the galaxy. “I have been a Star Trek fan since I was born. I grew up with TNG.” My personal favorite as a matter of fact. But aside from fulfilling any fantastical goals we may have, exploring yourself as a writer is usually a good runner up for joining. Zack, the author for Mr. O’Kalani, tells about his time aboard the training vessel, the USS Centris-A, and what it meant to him as an author. “For me the writer, it was a great experience. I enjoy being able to learn new types of storytelling especially if it has to do with Star Trek.” It would appear that a gold vein has been laid open for this young man, as storytelling with new friends and delving into the deeps of the Star Trek realm is one of the richest experiences anyone of the same demeanor can attain.
Ensign O’Kalani and his writer have some fairly simple goals in mind when it comes to progression aboard the Apollo.  When asked if there were any challenges that the writer or the character were currently facing, he responded with a fairly common answer. ” I wouldn’t call them obstacles but it took a little getting used to the format in which we sim.” It seems as though some housekeeping is in order for the author, as he commented on the creation of his characters anthology, “Nothing [is] really set in stone, but I have been messing around with his background and hope to post a full detailed bio on wiki within the next week or so.”
But aside from the ordinary, what design is there in place for the future of the young Ensign? It’s true that many new characters have quite a bit to look forward to and to work hard towards in their first few years serving aboard their first assignement, but his comments summed up that anecdote quite simply: ” It will take a lot of dedication and evolution of my character.”  Dedication is a theme that can be found in many of the articles that are found in the news network, but time and time again it proves itself right in the end. Only dedication, hard work, and pure imagination is what’s going to make the journey possible. Sounds like this Ensign has the right ideas for success, and to get his name out there above and beyond the Lower Decks.

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