Lacuna: Demons of the Void

A decade ago, becoming an author was not an easy task.  Publishing companies across the globe have had brilliant novels sit on their desk, and fill their trash cans.   The books that made it to store shelves were dictated by those that published them.  Rarely did authors finish a book and not get a round of suggestions from the company on what might sell more books.  At times, they even forced the writer to change the story so it fit the taste of the publishers.

Now, writers have the ability to publish their own books.  They can produce eBooks for their stories, or they can go a more expensive route and actually have the book published in paper form.  The cost is obviously much higher, but it can be done.  Now, writers are able to conjure up the stories they wished they could publish, and publish them.  The readers can now dictate what is a great story.  Nooks and Kindles are becoming hugely popular with all age groups.  It gives the reader the ability to switch books without a trip to the store, or library.

Our very own David Adams(Lt. Alleran Tan) did not let the hurdles stop him.  Armed with his imagination and a computer, he has been able to write and publish his own book, Lacuna: Demons of the Void.  With Dave writing in our group, it was easy to track him down for an interview.  Like many Amazon users, I grabbed my daughters Kindle Fire, and downloaded the book.  Diving in, I started to read the book and quickly was intrigued.  I found myself having to put it down as my daughter began to ask when she could have her Kindle back.

From there, the interview started.  I had questions that would have to be answered.  My mind was turning inside this world that Dave created and I wanted more.  It went beyond just the fiction world, and to the core of his thoughts behind them.  To find out what makes the world in book tick, I had to find out Dave’s base for it.   I thought a nice interview would help me get to the bottom, and though there is a sequel in the works…that is all he would tell me about the future of his franchise.  Until then I will just have to read the first one a few more times.

For the full Q&A check out the interview for Lacuna: Demons of the Void!

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