Helpful Tips for Short Story Writing

Helpful Tips for Short Story Writing

Simming, for the most part, is nothing more than a vast collection of short stories, and as such, the act of building your sims should be approached in a very particular manner. From the beginnings of the piece of the plot you are trying to address, to the resolutions that you will find near the end of your sim (if there are any), building something that could be considered more than just another everyday sim definitely takes some work. But even if you have the time to put into it, if you don’t know the ins and outs of writing shorter stories versus longer one, or creative writing versus writing a paper for school, then the task becomes even more complex.
That’s why you should head on over to the Jerz’s Literacy Weblog to check out the ten tips that are offered for those who want to get a jump start on creatively writing a short story. From emergency tips to get you started, to finding the climax and resolving the problem, Kathy Kennedy and Dennis Jerz walk you through the entire process. While all of the tips may not apply to each and every one of your sims, there are a good number of ideas that you might be able to take away from the list that could point you in the right direction. And in the end, sometimes direction is all we need to write a really killer sim.

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