Future Drugs: At the Speed of Now

Future Drugs: At the Speed of Now

It’s a thought that makes even the strongest of stomach a bit queasy. It makes your children want to run, and be a complete pain for you while you take them to the doctor. Needles have been the bane of most people as they progress through their pharmacological journey through life, and have proven to make doctors into monsters when it comes to children. Many a TV series have depicted solving this age-old problem by way of medication delivered faster than the speed of sound through the skin. The “hypospray” may be a little more than a pipe dream. Soon enough, it might just be a reality.

Above is the MIT Lorenze Force Jet-Injector, which promises to deliver a painless and accurate drug infusion transdermally. The heart of the small tattoo-gun-like machine features a magnet and coil driven piston that can be controlled by computer to deliver a wide array of medication and dosages for each in a calm and controlled manner. The operation occurs so quickly that the body doesn’t have much time to react, therein, no pain! In practical terms, this is useful for individuals with diabetes, as the fear of inflicting pain on oneself for testing sake might lead to compliance issues. The problem has been rectified, and future tech is upon us. Check out the video with a more in depth synopsis by clicking here!

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