Forums Roundup: January 2012

Forums Roundup: January 2012

Welcome one and all to the year 2012! The holidays are behind us now, allowing us to return our focus to our day to day grind. Our forums are exploding with activity as new members continue to join and bolster our Fleet. This month, here are some of the things that you can get into around the Starbase 118 Forums:
Vote in the Poll of the Week and let your voice be heard. This week we are discussing our plans for the ‘coming’ apocalypse:
Join in the conversation on your ships and welcome new members or just join in one of the many ongoing conversations that will help you learn more about the people you sim with every day:
How do you sim your Duty Post? Learn how others are doing their jobs around the fleet and share your own experiences here:
Keep your eyes on the Writing Challenge forums as the last winner of 2011 is announced and the contest moves on to the 2012 year:
Help the fleet spread the news of just how great it is to sim with Starbase 118. You don’t have to be a member of the publicity team to help; check out the list of quick and simple tasks that anyone in the Fleet can help with:
And there’s always so much more! Why not take a moment today and join in one of the many Fleet wide conversations going on right now? It’s not only a great way to get to know officers from other ships, but it’s a great way to have fun too! The new year is here; let’s make it one of the best we’ve had yet.

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