Captain Steve Lee McCall Retires!

Captain Steve Lee McCall Retires!

There rarely comes a time when we can look at an officer that has been with the fleet for over a decade.  The name Steve Lee McCall has been on a roster for well over 10 years.  He had the privilege of serving on multiple vessels during his time with the fleet.  He spent most of his time with the USS Discovery and all of  her namesakes.  After a very distinguished career, Captain McCall has decided to retire.  He helped pave the way for what Starbase 118 would become, just as every past command officer and member has.  While we wish him all the luck in his future endeavors, he will be missed.  Captain McCall has served alongside another longtime member for years, Captain Tyr Waltas.  Of everyone in the fleet, Captain Waltas knew McCall, and his writer Rob, the best.  As Captain McCall drifts off into the sunset, we leave you with the words of Captain Tyr Waltas…
“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times….”
Cliché, for sure, but it truly was. After simming my way up through the ranks and attaining the position of Second Officer, I suddenly found myself in the middle of a massive squabble with my Captain threatening to leave the group due to a disagreement with several characters’ preferences with relationships. As Second Officer I was expected to smooth things over along with the First Officer, but when our Captain abandoned the group entirely and then began to attempt to recruit people away, things got even uglier. I found myself in the First Officer slot, and sliding into the command position was none other than Rob Hilliman, a person I’d become friends with over the 2 years prior and had come to rely on as a mentor. As part of our friendship, we even traded samples of each others’ taste in music-I still to this day don’t know who was more shocked at the others’ songs, but receiving a CD from “across the pond” was exciting. Rob (having been promoted to Captain) and I spent the next few weeks attempting to not only stop the bleeding, but to keep the crew interested, simming and on their toes. This was, needless to say, a daunting task, considering I was hardly ready for command and Rob, quite frankly didn’t want it.
Looking back on that situation now, it served as the glue that kept us together through the years. Rob and I traded advice and stories, and I found myself relying on his advice more than once when things got difficult with certain situations. Rob was always the steady hand-the calming influence that would soothe even my fiery temper. When he decided to step down as CO and I was promoted to Captain, he did the best thing a mentor could do-he stayed around, but he didn’t get in the way. We didn’t do things the same, and we certainly had a drastically different command style, but Rob was always there to mentor, to support, and to kick me in the rear when I desperately needed it.
The name Captain Steve McCall has echoed through Discovery’s hallowed halls on 4 different vessels and a Starbase. Through a Romulan prison camp, inside a Borg sphere and in the destruction of Daris II. He has seen the departure of some of the most senior staff of UFOP and the ascension of others, and through it all he has remained steady, dependable, and obliging. It is my wish that that name continue to echo through UFOP as we do the unthinkable-move on without him.
Fair weather, Captain. May our paths cross again one day.

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