USS Aurora launches tomorrow!

We’re launching a new ship this Wednesday: the USS Aurora! This vessel was first commissioned in 2382 under the command of Cmdr. Megan Parker, but was reassigned shortly thereafter in 2383 to short-range anthropological missions with civilizations along the Romulan Neutral Zone. Those missions complete, it is to be commanded by Cmdr. Della Vetri, with LtCmdr. Marcus Dickens as the First Officer. The crew has been assembled from almost every ship in the fleet, making it one of our most diverse. Good luck to the Aurora and her crew as they depart from StarBase 118 on a short-term mission of exploration!

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  1. Lt. Guy P. Hunt

    Congrats Commander on your new Command, The Nova class is my all time Fav class, the ship class I would pick to command as well.

    Lt. Guy Perry Hunt
    Strategic Operations Officer
    USS Victory