The Vaadwaur

Adjutant-Warbringer Marari

Adjutant-Warbringer Marari, a partially-assimilated Vaadwaur.

The Vaadwaur are a species from the Delta quadrant, featured primarily in the Star Trek: Voyager episode “Dragon’s Teeth“. What do they mean for our community?

Well, our Summer Blockbuster for last year was Operation Bright Star. In this fleet-spanning plot, the ominous musings of Captain Janeway proved to be an ill portent. The Vaadwaur returned in force, equipped with special weapons that could bypass standard Federation shields, taking Deep Space 17 as their own.

This attack culminated in the Federation effort to reclaim the station, which was Operation Bright Star. The Vaadwaur were promised a safe planet in Federation space to live out their lives and rebuild their shattered civilization. The events of Operation Bright Star effected many characters in the fleet and the Vaadwaur continue to pop up occasionally.

This is a good example of how the UFOP: Starbase 118 community took an unresolved, dangling thread of the Star Trek series and used it to build on our canon. Although we don’t have a Summer Blockbuster every year, sometimes we do and they, typically, prove to be fleet-changing events.

Interested in proposing a Summer Blockbuster for 2011? Or perhaps something smaller, like a sister-ship mission to a forgotten planet, or even a plot on your own ship to resolve another “loose thread” of Star Trek lore? Suggest one on the Forums!