The Oddest Jobs in StarFleet VIII

The Oddest Jobs in StarFleet VIII

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Captain, first officer, chief of security, chief medical officer. These posts, and many more, are staples of every simming ship and installation. But what about the lesser known positions – the intelligence officers, diplomats, and nurses of the fleet? In this series, we’ll examine some of the less traditional posts and the characters and writers behind them.
Captain Tyr Waltas, USS Discovery on Capt. Steve McCall, Intel Officer and Lt. Cmdr. Daniel Wood, Hazard Team Leader
Todd, who writes for Captain Waltas, says of the unique positions aboard Discovery, “Discovery has always been a unique ship, simply because we tend to march to the beat of our own drum and have a simming style that is fast-and-loose. Adding to this, though, are writers like Lt. Commander Wood and Captain McCall, both veterans with over 12 years of combined simming experience.” He praises the plot options and real-world analogies the positions offer: “The Hazard Team offers those simmers with more fire in their gut and a tendency toward the hard-core side of simming a chance to explore it, under the guidance of one of my senior officers. Intel offers the conspiracy theorists, black-ops fans and the like the chance to live out their fantasies by writing a character who is, sometimes, above the law. Think of the SEAL team that just killed bin Laden-I would identify Intel with this type of team.”
Todd also volunteered the perks that unusual positions bring for the commanding officer. “As Captain, both of these unique shops offer me a chance to explore a side that few Captains do, as they both at one time or another are autonomous from the ship. While McCall still has to follow Tyr’s orders, he also has Intel operatives that don’t. Wood’s team walks where angels fear to tread-and sometimes they make the decisions that a Captain doesn’t want, or have, to make in terms of eliminating an enemy or dealing with a threat.”
“Discovery offers some of the most experienced and longest-serving members in the fleet, and McCall and Wood are two very good examples of what a little imagination and out-of-the-box thinking can do. I’m content to sit back and let the creativity fly-that’s what makes the best story.”

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