The best Star Trek stories from Flashback week 2011

The best Star Trek stories from Flashback week 2011

You might have heard about Flashback week last month which was an event for roleplayers to think about their characters past and write a flashback to a previous time in their lives. We had many Star Trek stories submitted for the competition, including Starbase 118’s Lieutenant Saveron, who was a runner-up in the competition! Here are some of the great Star Trek flashback stories that were written for Flashback week.

“Sienn t’Lovok”

A well written flashback story of a Borg survivor coming to terms with being away from the collective, with haunting flashbacks to the day she was captured and assimilated. Read the story here.

“Lieutenant Saveron”

A great story about a Vulcan couple deciding to break up. This story is surprisingly emotional for a story about Vulcans, each character is written extremely well and the story is very believable. Read the story here.


This great story was the winner of Flashback week 2011. Lieutenant Hammer is being questioned about the events after his shuttle crashed on a hostile Cardassian planet. The story flashes back to the planet, and how Lt Hammer and the team fought to stay alive. Read story here.

“Commander Deitrich”

A humbling story about Dietrich and his relationship with his young son. Disaster strikes when the ship is hit by an asteroid and the order is given to abandon ship. Read the story here.

“Roquel Atrell”

Roquel’s father is a property developer on Risa and wants his daughter to follow in his footsteps, but she has dreams and asperations outside of the solar system. After and argument with her father she steals a personal shuttlecraft and leaves the planet behind. Read the story here.


Young Marius is a Betazoid visiting the doctor with his parents. The doctor gives his parents some bad news which they have to come to terms with, and how it will affect their lives and their son’s future. Read the story here.
Flashback week will be back next year, watch out for announcements on the OngoingWorlds blog.
This article was written by David Ball.
David has been a roleplayer for over 10 years, and is the creater of for people to write stories together. This is his second year running flashback week.

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