Starbase 118 Ops Plot Summary For November

Starbase 118 Ops Plot Summary For November

Problems for the USS Victory NCC-362447 escalate both inside and outside of the ship. A box is discovered aboard, having been beamed there during the lapse in shield coverage moments before, and the Klingon fleet begins to move towards the Romulans seemingly intent on sparking a firestorm that would only end in war. With the Klingon General shooting in all directions, hell bent on forcing any other Romulan ships in the vicinity to decloak as well, the Romulan commander shows her hand and threatens to attack.
Tensions spike as the Klingon General moves his fleet towards the Romulan fleet. Desperate for a way to keep the peace for a short while longer, Lt. Commander Kalianna Nicholotti orders the Victory into the center of the battlefield between the two aggressors. With the only thing keeping the two sides at bay being the chance of shooting a Federation vessel, the crew struggles to not only keep all weapons sheathed, but to stay alive.
Aboard Starbase 118, a new delegate seeks out Captain Andrus Jaxx to declare a new alliance of planets in the Thracian system. With this new information, Jaxx enters the gridlocked talks intent on finding a peaceful resolution for all, including the newcomers; a task that proves far easier than anyone expected. Meanwhile, back on the battlefield the same information is reveled to Commander Nicholotti and the pieces finally start falling into place. War, it seemed, had been successfully averted, but would the Klingon General leave peacefully?
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