Star Trek: The Next Generation ‘A Final Unity’

Star Trek: The Next Generation ‘A Final Unity’

From Memory AlphaQuadrant-spanning plots woven together in both linear and non linear formats — depending on one’s choices — immerse the player in a series of diplomatic, scientific, and military endeavours! With the full cast of TNG reprising their roles from the series, A Final Unity puts you in the Trek universe like no other game. The colour spectrum — while dated now — is still surprisingly adaptive and the cut scenes feel so true to the series that one could be forgiven for simply watching the game.
The biggest downfall of A Final Unity is that sometimes it feels too true its source material. There are entire sections of the game where literally all the player does is wait for the ship to arrive at its destination. For the hardcore gamer this will bore, but for the UFOP: StarBase 118 gamer this epic game is a step-by-step playbook of how to sim correctly.
Besides the top notch voice talent, the biggest feature of this game is plot, which it is heavy on. The Enterprise and its crew rescue a group of refugees to begin the game, they offer up your first “episode mission.” Then it’s up to the player to determine how things get solved. The player does not necessarily need to make the correct choices — your crew is always willing to offer advice depending on the difficulty settings — to conclude various missions. Eventually in the game, like in life, one’s choices will shape one’s destiny. A Final Unity is a classic example of a video game adapted from a TV series that offers a uniquely true to form Star Trek universe.

  • Developer: Spectrum Holobyte
  • Release: 1995
  • Platform: PC

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