Poll of the Week: Through the Looking Glass

Poll of the Week: Through the Looking Glass

Throughout the history of Star Trek, crews have found themselves catapulted into the future, thrown back into the past, or launched into a version of reality that could have come to pass had certain key events been changed. As Trek fans, we’ve watched the development of the Mirror Universe and enjoyed the darker versions of characters we love, seen the return of the infamous tribbles, and watched as nazi aliens developed an overelaborate plan to dominate not just the Earth, but the entire of time.
This week, Poll of the Week asks you to choose your favourite alternate universe and vote for it! Will you choose Tuvok’s days aboard the Excelsior under Captain Sulu? Will you vote for two Enterprises fighting back to back in the Klingon war? Or does the prospect of spending time in an agony booth make you feel that voting for the Mirror Universe is the best idea?
Ladies and gentlemen, the choice is yours!

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