Discovery plot summary for March

Ronin Class ShipAfter the crew of the USS Discovery, NCC-31929-B regaining control of the ship, Lord Cenarius of the Orcus sect retreated to a Federation planet where he now holds Federation citizens as “Livestock”. The crew of the Discovery split into teams to find different ways of defeating the Orcus Sect and gaining back all its crew and citizens. One team under the supervision of Capt. McCall invented weapons from Earth’s Middle Ages with silver in order to defeat the Sect, whereas elsewhere on the ship other Officers had the idea to take the livestock and starve the Sect into submission. Meanwhile the two most Senior Security Officers of the Discovery battled with the Captain Waltas’ sanity, due to the fact that two of the Captain’s children have fallen victim to Lord Cernarius and his sect, urging him to seek a diplomatic solution, maintaining Federation Standards must still be upheld. With the Discovery now in the hands of Cmdr. Mitchell, she now is faced with a hostile Valdore Class Warbird bearing down on her, meanwhile will the crew find a diplomatic solution or will a fire fight ensue with the destruction of the Orcus Sect.