Aurora plot summary for July

Carrying on with their part of the Battle of Bajor event, an away team from the USS Aurora managed to secure one of the suspected Bajoran terrorists on the Orion ship – sadly, the only one that failed to successfully suicide to avoid capture. This captive was transported to the Aurora’s sickbay for stabilisation, during which time the Orion prisoners managed to stage a jail-break.

With one of it’s own shuttles now making a break for Klingon space with the Orions aboard, the Aurora was unable to pursue due to the fact people were still aboard the Orion’s own vessel. Luckily, the Verter, a Brikar patrol ship in the area, was more than happy to take on the chase.

After being interrogated by LtCmdr Dickens, the Bajoran prisoner let slip a definite connection between his group and the attack on SB118, as well as the fact that the were others of the Scarlet Brotherhood on Farius Prime, planning yet more chaos.

An initial plan to try and infiltrate Farius Prime was devised, using the Orion ship to get a team in undetected whilst the Aurora hangs back to provide support, but it still needs a lot of work – something that the command crew are attending to, along with digesting the news of both the casualties on SB118 and LtCmdr T’Lea’s premature delivery of her and the Captain’s daughter.

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