Active Verbs: Preferred By Writer’s Everywhere

While the Federation Standard for Starbase 118 is English, not all of the writers in the group hail from English speaking countries. There truly is a melting pot of members throughout the different ships and bases here, each with their own level of writing skill. It is for that reason that we delve into the nitty gritty rules that English was built upon once and a while; to remind ourselves the proper way of writing, and the best way to make our sims even better than they were before.

One of the most commonly mistaken or misused aspects of the English language involve the use of verbs. Now, we all know that a verb is a word that describes some form of action, but what most of us may not know is that there is always a way to actively use a verb, as well as a method of passively using a verb. Going deeper, there are some specific situations where you should use one, but not the other. In plenty of other situations, either method would work.

The lines may get confusing, which is why English expert Dennis Jerz has put together a really awesome guide; Active and Passive Verbs, from his Literacy Weblog. By using some very simple examples, Jerz is able to paint a picture that everyone can understand. With everyone’s end goal being a great sim, we should never turn down the chance to learn a little bit more about how to write the next Top Sim for the Fleet.

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