A trip to Raskor

A trip to Raskor

This week, we will be taking a look at the planet Raskor. It is a member of the Federation and is located approximately 4 and 1/3 hours from StarBase 118 at warp factor 5. This species and the planet along with the last one highlighted in the news (New Scotland) are original creations and concepts designed to bring the Trinity Sector of space (home to StarBase 118) to life.
The native species of Raskor are avian, and they were based on the concept of talking birds like parrots.
They are a peaceful people with no interest in war, combat or defensive skills, and aligned themselves with the Federation for protection as the Romulan and Klingon Empires quickly expanded. They debated what they should or could do to protect themselves, and finally agreed that the defensive facilities proposed by the Vulcans would be appropriate to ensure they were not overcome by the growing neighbor empires. The Federation assisted in the placement of workers to construct the facilities, and many came from the region of Scotland, on Earth, due to a recent soil degradation event in that area, leading to a largely idle workforce.
It was a long and difficult task. Most of the humans, at the end of their year long contracts, settled on a near by class-M planet which eventually became New Scotland. To this day the two worlds enjoy a sense of partnership and co-operation which is remarkable. This is mostly due to the enormous amount of aid the Raskorians provided to the new colony and their gratitude to the humans for the work they had done for them.
Now Raskor is a member of the Federation. It became a member around the same time that New Scotland did. Since then, they have been firm supporters of the Federation and it’s policies. While most of the natives of Raskor seldom ever leave their homeworld the tiny fraction that have find employment as translators.
The planet itself is a welcome vacation spot with many people visiting it in order to enjoy the simplistic delights. While the people are highly advanced they have also adopted a policy that has resulted in almost zero pollution and the incorporation of nature into all their cities, towns, buildings, factories, etc. In fact it is often impossible to tell where the man made elements end and the natural start. Flowers in the millions are everywhere and plants of all kinds are used everywhere for just about anything you can imagine.
Written by Commander Tal Tel-ar of the USS Challenger-A.

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