Nominate the wiki’s best character profiles

We’re looking for the best character profiles on the wiki! Is yours, or someone from the crew, the best-of-the-best? Nominations should, at the bare minimum, meet these qualifications:

  1. Have a character image with info-box
  2. Be well laid-out and aesthetically pleasing
  3. Have no spelling or grammar errors
  4. Be properly and fully categorized
  5. Use the “Advanced” or “Complex” template

Submit the link to the profile to the forum thread to nominate it, and yes, you can nominate your own! Feel free to update yours to bring it up to spec, and then submit. If you haven’t started yours, check out the “Creation and Upkeep of a Character Page” tutorial on the wiki – it walks you through, step-by-step.

The best profiles will be chosen as “Wiki Profile of the Month” and be posted on the Community News, and be marked with a special icon.