Counseling Conference

The Counseling Conference is a place for the counselors of the fleet to interact with their peers, and learn new techniques for simming this challenging role. The Conference mixes IC and OOC discussions on the role of Counselor. We will provide a means for the counselors to quickly contact their peers for advice or brainstorming sessions. We are currently planning an IC Conference for September. A topic (tba) will be presented by one of the experienced counselors from the fleet. After the presentation sim there will be an opportunity for IC questions regarding the topic. A reception will then follow the presentation, allowing the counselors a chance to interact with their peers IC. As most ships only carry one counselor at a time, this will be unique opportunity for this community of characters to come together and interact IC.

For more information, or to join the Counseling Conference please contact Lt Cmdr Delinda Sharee (, or Lt Cmdr Karynn Ehlanii (