Forums roundup – Saturday, April 19th

Forums roundup – Saturday, April 19th

Welcome to the first Forums Roundup. This week has been exciting on our community boards because we’ve seen the start of a few new things to the boards! First off we have the new ‘Weekly Poll‘, starting at Week 16 of 2008. What’s your favourite Star Trek movie? Do killer earwigs make you cringe from Wrath of Khan? Do you ever sit up at night thinking of what happened to George and Gracie? Did you cry more at finding Spot alive than Kirk dying? Come and tell us about it! This first Weekly Poll has seen a ton of replies already and the debate is hot.

Next up we have new games and a fresh wind in the Publicity Team. Earn mega points by completing the Publicity Pursuits challenge each week. This week, all you have to do is write a short testimony of your time with our group. It’s that easy! The more points you get, you stand a chance at a top award in the annual Awards Ceremony.

As always, the Forums have been the main gathering place for the Top Sims Contest. We’re up to Round 6 now with a variety of representation from each ship. It’s so easy to nominate sims (yes, they can be your own, too). Just head to the Top Sims Contest to find out how!

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