September 2007

Congratulations, Captain Taboo!

Daydan Taboo has just been promoted to Captain by the Executive Council! Congratulations, Taboo, and here’s to a long and successful history as a commanding officer!

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Congratulations, Lt. Vannini!

The writer for Lt. Julio Vannini and his wife welcomed in their third son this week. Congratulations to them, and we look forward to seeing him in the academy soon!

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New Poll: How do you like your chat?

Fried, grilled, boiled? Er… nevermind, wrong subject. We’re actually wanting to know how you like to chat when it comes to UFOP: SB118. Do you prefer a “pretty” interface with

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Promotions for August

Please congratulate the following officers on their promotions! Cara Maria to Lieutenant Cmdr., Ethan Brice to Lieutenant, Morgan Avery to Lieutenant JG, Quinn Reynolds to Lieutenant, Will Hart to Lieutenant

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New Writing Challenge

Show us what you’ve got! The Sept./Oct. ’07 Writing Challenge has been posted on the forums. Go check it out.

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Updated sidebar

The menu has been updated to switch around some of the “community” items. We’ve also changed “Special Events” to “Events & Activities” to reflect the launch of the upcoming “Free-form

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Bookmarking widget added

We’ve now added a “bookmarking widget” to the site in the footer. It used to be a few text links, but now you can hover over the widget and choose

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New form for returning members

We now have a form that returning members can use, as opposed to our regular application. This should expedite the process for those members who want to get back into

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July/August Writing Challenge Winner

Congratulations to Danzia (“The Missing Statue”), winner of the July/Aug. ’07 Writing Challenge! Head to the Writing Challenges area of the website for more info.

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